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Obesity is the conditionof being seriously overweight. Obese pets have more physical aliments and a shorter lifespan than those of normal weight. Obesity increases the risk of complications during surgery, and breathing and walking are more difficult for the obese pet.

Obesity is usually the result of too much food and too little exercise. Other factors, such as breed, temperament, hormone imbalance, and disease, may also cause obesity, but most cases are the result of consuming too many calories.

Weight loss should be accomplished slowlt with a nutritionally balanced diet, rather than with severe short-term food restriction. In most cases, pets must be re-trained to eat moderate amounts of food 1 to 2 times daily without any snacks.

All members of the family should be aware of the need for your pet to lose weight, and all should be in agreement before starting dietary control. One person can easily foul up the entire weight-loss program.

Your veterinarian will instruct you as to a comfortable weight for your pet.

Please make sure that you feed your pet a premium food and not a local store brand food.

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